Poojas and Services

Religious Services offered to Devotees


A special, personal, abbreviated astothra namavali pooja performed by the priest after reciting the gothram, birth star, and the name of a devotee (or family) to invoke individual guidance and blessings from the God.

This service is available daily during temple opening hours after nithya poojas in all the shrines. You can also request Archana to be performed in your absence.


Homam or Havan is a fire ritual where offerings are made into a sacred fire. Performing a Homam eliminates all the negativities in your life while attaining blessings from the God.

Temple offers various Homams: Devotees need to book in advance

  • Ganapathy: To remove obstacles and for the welfare of the family
  • Skanda: To overcome from enemies and ensuring victory in all your endeavours
  • Sudharshana: For healing health diseases, preventing accidents, and destroying enemies
  • Navagraha: For longevity, health, and Graha dosha shanti
  • Mrityunjaya: To recover from illnesses and to avoid untimely death
  • Ayush: For leading a long, healthy, and robust life
  • Durga: To destroy all the evil forces
  • Sri Sookta: To lead a luxurious life and for uninterrupted wealth
  • Purusha Sookta: For a normal pregnancy and to beget healthy children


Seemantham is one of the samskara rituals performed during a woman's first pregnancy. Blessings are sought for a healthy pregnancy and an uneventful delivery of a healthy baby.


Annapraasanam is a religious ritual to introduce the first solid food to the baby


Vidyarambam is a ritual for a child to begin the journey of knowledge without obstacles


Upanayanam is a sacred thread ceremony

Sashti abda Poorthi

Sashti abda Poorthi is a ritualistic ceremony performed at the completion of the 60th birthday of a male. The Hindu calendar has a 60 year cycle. Once the man has completed his 60 year cycle, this ceremony is performed before he steps into the next 60 year cycle. The ceremony has a wedding flavour to the extended family. A second Kalyanam is performed by the children to their parents.

Srinivasa (Perumal) Kalyanam

Sathya Narayana Pooja

Sahasranama Archana


Tharpanam Thithi, Atma Shanti, Moksha Archana, Hiranya Srartham

New Car Blessing (Vehicle Pooja)

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