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The Sanskrit meaning of Archana is honouring / praising the God.

Archana is a special puja done on behalf of the devotees by the temple priests by reciting the Gothra, the name(s), and the birth star(s) of the devotee(s) to invoke specific spiritual guidance and blessings (Sankalpam).

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    Lord Ganesh
    This Archana is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh to remove obstacles and overcome challenges in life. Blessings.
  • thumb-lord-muragan.jpg
    Lord Muruga
    This Archana is performed for the spiritual growth of devotees and to take care of the health of family and children and for growth of assets. As Karthikeya relates to fire and Mars, it is believed that this Archana will alleviate ill effects of Rahu, Ketu, Kala Sarpa Dosha
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    Lord Shiva
    This Archana is performed for blessings with health, wealth, long life, termination of all disturbances, and the fulfilment of all needs.
  • thumb-lord-ayyapan.jpg
    Lord Ayyappan
    This Archana is performed for protection from evils. He has the power to restore your health, prolong life, and bring prosperity.
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    Shirdi Sai Baba
    This Archana is performed to increase your spirituality and lead a contented life with inner peace.
  • thumblordbalaji.jpg
    Lord Balaji
    Offering Archana and puja to Lord Balaji is to thank him for the wonderful things he has gifted us. The Archana will please the Lord to get your wish fulfilled. As you go on offering puja to Lord Balaji, you continuously promote yourself to the next levels in the path of spirituality. One must keep immense patience to upgrade and to be on the top with regards to Bhakti Marg. The reward that you would get will be unmaterialistic, you would be honoured in the court of Lord Balaji.
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    Goddess Lakshmi Archana
    Archana to Goddess Lakshmi yield wealth, comfort, and prosperity; Her gifts are also of spiritual truth and purity. The goddess is surrounded by an aura of happiness and satisfaction on all levels.
  • thumb-lord-hanuman.jpg
    Lord Hanuman Archana
    By performing archana to Lord Hanuman you receive his blessings for happiness with eradication of one's worries and defects. Since all the Navagrahas are in the tail of Lord Hanuman, any devotee who prays Him will be relieved of their doshams.
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    Navagraha Archana
    Planetary and Star positions have daily impact on every human being. Whatever the effects, performing archana to Navagrahas will get rid of all Graha Doshams.
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